A string of islands,
a knot of criminals,
and two teens to untangle it.

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What Readers are Saying

Tangled Lines transports readers deep into the wildness of the Florida Keys in vivid reality. This environmental mystery’s teen detectives’ relationship troubles and dedication to saving the magnificent creatures they share their world with will hook readers until the very last line. – Award-winning author, Angela Morrison, Sing me to Sleep and the Taken by Storm series.
Accurately portrays current political, economic and environmental issues in the Florida Keys: Cuban immigration, the culture of the working waterfront, greedy developers, the Key West Wildlife Center, mysterious incidents of maiming of pelicans – it’s all there, from a teen’s perspective. Plus parents, friendships, romance, high school social structure – things that every teen can relate to. A good read for all ages! – Ellen Westbrook, Florida Keys Audubon Society Board
What a lively book and enjoyable read!  Sometimes I found myself out of breath speeding with Kenzie and Angelo through the backcountry of the Florida Keys, hoping neither they nor I would run aground.  In between the harrowing escapades, I learned much about pelicans, their fragility, habitat, and conservation.  – Susan Nugent, PhD, environmental writer, professor of children’s literature
I could hardly tear myself away from it in order to meet other obligations! Although geared for the young teen audience, I found the plot, setting, and characters irresistible! Furthermore, that this fiction eco-novel is based on thorough research of today’s issues makes it deeply inspiring and eye-opening.
The setting of every scene of Tangled Lines provides stunning, sometimes gut wrenching, visual images through the author’s use of specifically descriptive language. You can feel the salty breeze of the Florida Keys. Your stomach turns at the sight of dead or injured pelicans. Whether on the dock, on the school campus, in the various homes and shops, or at the church gathering, you the reader are there!
These scenes come alive with the convincing characters, each with their unique personalities and families. They have varying backgrounds: Kenzie being a “transplant” from New York, Angelo having grown up in the Keys with the family fish market, Harry carrying the attitude of his wealthy family – obsessed with investment and acquisition and completely detached from the well-being of the environment, and Ana, a local with an adorable Spanish accent who never sees herself as disabled. They, along with several other well developed personalities, capture the character of the entire community. – Wendy “Big Bird” Hawkins, Education Chair, Forsyth Audubon, Winston-Salem, NC

Tangled Lines immerses the reader almost immediately as the characters become involved in finding solutions from one set of circumstances to another. This is a “Murder She Wrote” type of story line that has you guessing and re-evaluating the outcome with each chapter.
I found myself bonding with the main (good) characters with a like mindset of wanting to protect all God’s creatures. Even though I hadn’t read any of the previous books that would tie me into meeting Kenzie and Angelo, the references given to their past events brought me up-to-date so that I felt I knew them. Part way in, I noticed the word “tangled” used to describe Kenzie’s hair. My mind dove a little further, taking it as an analogy to what was in store not only for the pelicans, but for her as well.
I felt a part of the action. I found myself role playing the part of Kenzie, analyzing my surroundings and trying to find solutions.
The storyline reminded me of “Murder She Wrote” with the pelicans being the victims. The gathering of bits of background information evolves into the foreground as “mysteries” unfold. In fact, I think it would make a great screen play or TV series. As events unfolded I was reading at a faster pace in order to keep up. The characters are so tightly interwoven that the storyline maintains continuity from one thread to another.
The ‘Author’s Note’ not only validates the background material presented but also reveals the thoroughness with which she researched and observed various situations. If so inspired, the reader is invited to further their knowledge by visiting wild life websites of the Florida Keys.  – Sherian A. Wright, Naturalist & author of “Mason Bees for the Backyard Gardener”