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What Readers are Saying

We have found the modern day Scooby gang! Only instead of ghost stories, these teens are solving environmental crimes and changing the world. Or at least they’re trying to change the world they live in.

Kenzie is a typical teenage girl who recently moved from New York City to the Florida Keys. She is becoming more independent and is learning how to push her boundaries. She’s also dealing with the divorce of her parents, and her father’s subsequent remarriage, as well as her mother’s new boyfriend. The family issues in this story serve well as a backdrop to the other problems and are handled admirably.

One of the best mysteries I’ve ever read, Stakeout is tightly plotted and drops you right into the action. Kenzie is a great heroine, but she’s also very real. I love that she has insecurities and often puts her foot in her mouth when she plunges ahead and speaks her mind. But her heart is always in the right place, and she surrounds herself with terrific friends. Ana is a great sidekick as she fearlessly drives her wheelchair into dangerous situations. (I loved seeing her barely peeking out from behind stacks of trash.) And Angelo is to die for. Enough said.