Bonnie J. Doerr, an avid traveler, gardener, and nature lover, is the acclaimed author of eco-mystery novels for tweens. For over thirty years, she taught reading and writing skills to students of all ages—from kindergarten to college. Ms Doerr enjoys sharing her ecological research, writing experiences, and educational insights with adults and children. Her work has been described as a “mashup of Jean Craighead George and Carl Hiaasen” by some and as a “teen detective series inspired by Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, and Lassie” by others.



Island Sting is a fast-paced, environmental thriller that teens will tear into. Once you start reading, you’ll find yourself flipping pages as fast as you can, eager to find out what happens next. Great action, great characters, and a message that will resonate with readers of all ages.

— Frances O’Roark Dowell, Edgar-award-winning author of Dovey Coe, Chicken Boy, The Secret Language of Girls, and Shooting the Moon

Stake Out is a riveting read for younger readers and nature lovers.

— Midwest Book Review

Stake Out is one of the best mysteries I have ever read. It has just the right amount of family matters to balance out the plot, and the author paints such a vivid picture in my mind that I can almost smell the sea salt. The unexpected twists are just delightful.

— Flamingnet Young Adult Book Reviews

As I read Island Sting, I thought, “a green and gritty Nancy Drew.” Boys have so many outdoor adventure stories (Gary Paulsen stories), but there are few stories where girls are the ones having adventures and taking chances. Nancy drove around in the roadster, but Kenzie rides her bike straight into danger…What an exciting story to have a brave girl who isn’t afraid of danger and dirt. Kenzie is the anti “mean girl.”

I like the twinges of romance between Angelo and Kenzie. I like website and technology, I like the activism of the kids, and I like a story—which is rare in modern tween fiction—where the adults and young people cooperate and support each other.

Students like to read about teens who make changes and take action to help their environment. They also like happy endings… Island Sting hits all the interests of middle school readers.

Kenzie Ryan—she’s green—not mean!

Deborah Svenson, American Association of School Librarians



Island sting new coverKenzie didn’t expect her first summer in the Florida Keys to be murder. Or cute guys, awesome boats, endangered species, and gun-toting thugs… When city girl Kenzie Ryan moves to a Florida wildlife refuge, she plunges straight into an eco-mystery. Kenzie trades New York streets for Keys pollution cleanup, and now, instead of hailing cabs, she’s tracking down a poacher of endangered Key deer.



stakeout463How could Kenzie have predicted that a surreal encounter with an ancient sea turtle at a New York aquarium would propel her into peril in the Florida Keys? A haunting promise compels Kenzie to save sea turtles by capturing the criminals who are robbing the nests. Fearless, wheelchair-bound Ana and savvy, troubled Angelo assist Kenzie in an undercover sting that grows increasingly complicated and treacherous. As problems compound, Kenzie fears losing her first romance, her mother’s trust, and her own life. Stakeout includes notes on sea turtle conservation as well as on the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida.





High school changes everything for Kenzie Ryan and Angelo Sanchez, especially their relationship. After spending the summer cracking crimes against endangered wildlife in Big Pine Key, Florida, they rarely see each other. Angelo hangs out with a Porsche-driving quarterback and a stunning local “Conch princess.” Kenzie struggles with his absence and suffers the isolation of being a newbie among Key West cliques.

High school life is over-shadowed when horrific numbers of pelicans are found tortured near the islands around Big Pine Key. Kenzie campaigns for Angelo’s help to stop the slaughter, but Angelo refuses until he discovers his family’s historical link to pelicans.

As the two quickly fall into their investigative roles, a Sanchez Fish House employee comes under suspicion. The list of suspects with motivation soon expands to include a real estate mogul, a building contractor (both relatives of Angelo’s “princess”), a county recycling worker, a loan shark, Angelo’s quarterback idol, and his wealthy father.

While untangling this knot of motivation and suspects, the discovery of illegal environmental destruction exposes Angelo and Kenzie to the same deadly fate as the protected species they are trying to save.